Get Into Energy Oklahoma

Who We Are

The Oklahoma Energy Workforce Consortium (OEWC) is comprised of energy companies in Oklahoma. OEWC is focused on our future workforce and ensuring we have the skills and knowledge available in our state to fill those needs. As a consortium, we partner together to build awareness of our industry, develop educational pathways for our jobs, and create training programs for tomorrow’s workforce. OEWC members include representatives from public utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, independent power producers, exploration and production companies, transportation and storage companies, distribution companies, as well as contractors, suppliers, vendors, educators, and government agencies. Energy is considered one of the five wealth-building industries in Oklahoma and consists of the electric power industry, the petroleum energy industry, and the renewable energy industry.

The Energy industry is a critical part of the U.S. infrastructure and is vital to maintain our security as well as a standard of living. The energy industry has been identified as one that will have major skills and labor gap in the next several years creating a high demand for skilled talent in our industry now and in the coming years. Our industry has a myriad of pathways into well-paid careers, many of which are apprenticeship-based and require no more than high school equivalency for entry. Others require advanced scientific education and experience that continue to evolve with new technology.

From Electric to Gas to Petroleum – We Power Oklahoma! 

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